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 How can I become a Vendor?

It is very easy to become a Vendor!

Please first select the Vendor Plan that benefits you the most and can be found on the footer of the eMarcatus website.

Then you can proceed to create your Vendor Account. eMarcatus will review the information provided and, if everything looks ok, your account will be approved and ready to be used!

How can I pay my Vendor Plan?

We suggest that you pay your plan with a US PayPal account. You will still be able to pay your plan using a debit or credit card.

Note that after you select your plan, you will be redirected to pay with PayPal, but if you scroll down, you can see the options to pay with credit or with debit card.

Is there any promotion for new Vendors?

Yes, if you register today, you can enjoy 2 months for FREE! Select you plan now and start using eMarcatus right away! Note that if any sales are done through the 2 months for free, you will still be charged the % shown on the chosen plan.

Products and Orders

How can I share my products with my customers?

You will have a unique eCommerce link for your brand. This link can be shared with your customers via email, text, or WhatsApp. You can also place
that link on your social media accounts to drive traffic to your digital store.

How will I receive the orders?

When an order is placed, you will receive an email to the email used when you create your Vendor Account. In addition, you can see all your order in your eMarcatus Vendor Account Dashboard, and on the Vendor Account’s Order Tab.

Can I manage my inventory?

Yes, you can decide either to track or not your inventory. If you track your inventory, you can manage it per product (and variant). Changes on your inventory will be reflected on eMarcatus website within a few minutes.

Can I continue to sell my products if my inventory is zero?

Yes. If that’s the case, you must select the option “Allow Customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock” when creating the product listing.

Please make sure that you can respond to the demand.


Can I decide what options to show for shipping?

Yes, each vendor strategically decides which shipping options they feel comfortable for shipping their products to your customers. The most popular options are:

  • Economy (5 to 8 business days)
  • Standard (3 to 4 business days)
  • Express (1 to 2 business days)
  • Free shipping (usually ships in 5 to 8 business days)
Can I decide how much to charge for shipping?

Yes, each vendor strategically defines how much they want to charge their customers for shipping. It is important to consider that customers in the United States are used to get very low prices or even free shipping when placing online orders.

Suggested strategy – sometimes is better to add an extra small $ amount to the product price and offer free shipping for a minimum amount on the order than charging an extra shipping cost.

What happens to the shipping costs if a user purchases products from different vendors?

If this is the case, the shipping rates for each product are combined into a single shipping cost and displayed on the total order when checkout.

I don’t know how much to charge for shipping my products, what do I do?

The shipping cost will depend on many factors. So each vendor must decide what is better for them as there is no common rule for all.

We suggested that you check with a local USPS to find out the cost of shipping your products. Ask them the best and cheapest way to ship your products into US. They can help you not only with that, but also to create a Business Account.

I want to change my shipping costs, is that possible?

Yes, you can request to change your shipping any time to want by sending us an email to


Who is responsible for the fulfillment of my products?

Each vendor is responsible for the fulfillment of their products unless selected one of our suggested additional fulfillment plans.  

Does eMarcatus sell in the US?

Yes, eMarcatus can sell across all the US.

I would like to sell my products in a specific location, not to all the US. Is this possible?

Yes, we can offer customized territories to promote and ship your products. We can do it by state, city, and even by zip code if that’s what you prefer. Please make sure to answer the Fulfilment Set Up Form to let us know your preferences.

Do you offer fulfillment services?

Yes, we do. If this is something that you are interested in learning more, please contact us at

This would be an additional service, not included on the Vendor Plans.

I want to sell my products, but I am not in the US. Can I still sell my products on eMarcatus?

Yes, you can. In this case, you will have 2 options for fulfilment:

1. You can have someone responsible for fulfilling your products in the US (everything will be run by you)

2. You can always use our fulfilment partner. Please contact us at to learn more about the different fulfilment options.

What is eMarcatus Fulfilment solution?

We have partnered with a fulfilment service to offer the best rates to our customers. When sending products from abroad, Vendors will send the boxes directly to our partner fulfilment center, where they will make sure that everything arrived well, manage their inventory, and prepare your products to be shipped to wherever your clients are. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact us at to find out more details.

Vendor Account - Products

Do I need to be approved before having an active Vendors Account?

Yes, once vendors fully complete their account, eMarcatus receives an approval request to see that everything is ready to go live.

How do I add a product into my Vendor Account?

Please refer to the following link to see a tutorial on how to create a product listing. If you still need help, contact us at

Why is my product not showing online?

Each product must be approved by eMarcatus before they are shown online. This is important to make sure that what you are uploading complies with eMarcatus terms. You can check your product approval status in your dashboard, and act accordingly. Product listings must be completed before they can be sent for approval. You will receive a confirmation email once approved or disapproved. It can take between 24 to 48 hours to have your new products approved.

Please review the list of Prohibited Products here.

I made a change in one of my products, but it is not showing online.

Changes on previously approved products are also subject to review before they show online. This is important to make sure that what you are uploading complies with eMarcatus terms. You can check your product changes approval status in your dashboard, and act accordingly. You will receive a confirmation email once approved or disapproved. It can take between 24 to 48 hours to have your new products approved.

Vendors Account - Payment

How will I get paid?

You can choose to get paid via a US PayPal Business account, or via a Bank Wire transfer. We suggest creating a US PayPal Business account, as you can use this to pay for the monthly fee and to get paid for your sales (making the whole transaction process a lot easier).

What are the differences between getting paid to a PayPal Business account, or via a Bank Wire transfer?

If you choose to get paid via a PayPal Business Account, you will receive your money automatically for every order that you receive. If you chose to get paid via Bank Wire transfer, you will get your money wired manually once a week, and you will receive the sum of all the orders together.

Frequently asked question

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